Shane Concepcion

Development Coordinator
Trainer Bio

There’s a saying that goes , “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” This, however, has been refuted by the mere existence of Coach Shane “The MaShane” Concepcion; he can both teach AND do. Whether it is working on besting his current Clean and Jerk of 330 lbs or sculpting his 6-pack, nay 12-pack, he can be counted on to spot you, offer some profound technique wisdom, or chillin’ with his chick, fellow bad-ass CrossFitter/Weightlifter, Kimmy. The MaShane is currently working on his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion at the University of Guam and uses the knowledge he gains there to back up his teaching styles and CrossFit methodologies.

My favorite thing about coaching…

Witnessing the little victories that our members make every single day. Whether it’s a new PR on a lift or the fact that they RX’d their first workout, it brings me pure joy to see our athletes become better than yesterday. I truly am honored to have the opportunity to work with such dedicated individuals. Our members rock! Change your Mind, Change your Life!

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