Steven Sablan

CrossFit Coach
Trainer Bio

Steven Sablan has been involved with sports and training for sports since he was a teenager. He was the youngest player to represent Guam for the Men’s National Rugby Team in 2005. Since then he was always part of high-performance training.

After graduating High School at Father Duenas in 2006, where he was named IIAAG Boys Rugby MVP in 2005 and 2006, he moved to Washington D.C. where the opportunity to play for the USA Under 20 National Rugby Team. In order to make the team, he had to put on 12-15lbs. in a span of nine months. He trained, watched his diet, played club rugby, all while attending the Northern Virgina Community College. He represented USA for the Junior World Championships in 2008. Elite, high-performance training was what gave him the edge.

In 2012 he and his wife Maria (a Lion coach) and son Steven Joseph, moved to New Zealand with a few other Guam national team member played Club rugby to prepare for the International Test Matches. In New Zealand he excelled in rugby, and it was his introduction to CrossFit, which further solidified his passion for high performance and now Fitness.

He holds a bachelor of Science—Fitness and Wellness track from the California University of Pennsylvania. He is now a Father of three: SJ, Rocco and Dottie, and has put playing rugby on the back burner to really hone his craft as a CrossFit, and CrossFit Coach. He is also the current coach for JFK boys rugby and coached Agueda Johnston Middle School boys and girls rugby during SY2015-2016. He was Head coach for Guam Cancer Care’s Kids4theCure program for SY 2012-2013, and SY 2014-2015, and also lead GDOE’s FUNctional Fitness middle school and elementary programs at Jose Rios MS and Ordot ES, respectively. Steven Sablan now uses his skills and passion for fitness to help the Lions—big and small–be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

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