Brandon J. Holm

Trainer Bio
  • BS Health Science at the University of Guam
  • CPR Certified
Brandon J. Holm, better known as Bswoles, original CFGM Cutie and first official stalker of Custom Fitness’ Instagram account, was ecstatic when he heard that there was finally going to be a CrossFit box open to the public.  One of the very first official members, Brandon was the only person who would come to Saturday open gyms and practice his weightlifting.
Brandon returned home after a stint in Hawaii for college and interning at CrossFit HTF, and then he joined the team.  He is currently studying Health Science at the University of Guam and anticipating graduation in May 2016.
Brandon enjoys PRs at the bar and friendly competition with his lovely lady, Analisa.
Know Your Coach
  •  Snatch: 116kg
  • Clean 152kg
  •  Deadlift: 230kg
  • Squat:209kg
  •  Jerk: 140kg
  • Bench: 136
Pre & Post Workout
  •  Pre-Workout: c4
  • Post-Workout: Gainz
  •  Recovery: Beef Isolate
  •  Recovery: Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked
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